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Who Am I?

About Word Craft Design Gifts

In a former life I have worked in electronics, telecoms, been a nurse and a web designer but a health issue forced a change in my life and I had to adapt what I did. So after thinking long and hard about what I wanted to do, I realised that my passion was to bring a little happiness into people's daily lives and Word Craft Design was born two years later... All products are hand crafted.

My vision

I dream of a world where there is a Word Craft Design mug in every home making someone smile, a mug in every office that hacks off the office bully, a T-Shirt in every home that makes people laugh and causes offence to those who need offending!

My mission

I like to say what your thinking - no holds barred. My philosophy is to get the thoughts that make you smile and laugh so hard your ribs hurt, out there into the world damn what anyone else thinks. A smile makes the world a brighter place to be.

My goal

Word Craft Design want's to infiltrate the humdrum, spread the laughter and brighten your day. Some will love our products, the haters gonna hate but quite frankly my dears - we don't give a damn. A sense of humour is critical to survival so lighten up already...


Conception Years Ago


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Branding hours spent


Number Of Happy Clients (hopefully)

I’m a designer producing and retailing gifts so that you can give loved ones a different kind of present, something that will make them smile.

I help gift seekers by producing a choice of humorous gifts to enable you to give gifts that are more personal, funny and unique. By choosing a gift that you know will appeal directly to a loved one’s sense of humour and interests you can nail the perfect gift, tailored to the family or friends unique personality and sense of fun.