Eco Friendly Gifts

caring for the planet

We Are Eco Friendly At Word Craft Design

At Word Craft Design, I try to be as ‘Eco Friendly‘ as possible because the planet is important – we all live on it after all!

I use recycled, biodegradable and recyclable materials for packaging whenever possible and recycle everything that can be recycled.

I try to only purchase supplies from the UK, cutting carbon emissions with fewer transportation miles needed. I also like to support small UK businesses by using them for obtaining my supplies, which saves on carbon emissions.

All my items are printed using the latest ‘Eco Friendly‘ ink.

I’m never using those horrible plastic foam packaging peanuts. If anything needs similar packaging for stability, I instead use freshly air-popped popcorn! (A little tip was given to me, by an artist who packages and sends their work all over the world). It works beautifully, it’s safe and won’t fill your bins. Simply throw it out for the birds once you’ve unpacked your package. How cool is that?

We produce 98% of all finished items myself, Moi, yep me! (sometimes with a little help from family). The rest is finished for me by a small, family-run, UK business. There is no slave labour abroad in use in the production of any of my products at Word Craft Design. I tested eco-friendly and normal inks and got a better result with the state of the art eco-friendly inks! Take a look here. I can tell you the results are even better than with normal inks.

I’m always looking for ways to improve my carbon footprint and new innovations that assist in this will appear on a regular basis at Word Craft Design Gifts.