Frequently Asked Questions

What does FAQ mean? Frequently asked questions.- says so at the top of the page…

Why did you set up Word Craft Design? The world needs more laughter, that’s why!

What payment processors does Word Craft Design use? Paypal and no, you don’t need a Paypal account to pay via Paypal, I accept all major cards via Paypal. Paypal holds your payment data, I don’t ever see it or store it. Paypal, as I’m sure you know, is safe to use.

Does Word Craft Design offer bulk purchases for giftshop/Trade? Indeed I do. Contact me with your requirements.

What’s your favourite colour combo? Black, white and red of course!

Can I use your images? No, not without my permission.

Do you have a Press Kit? Yep, here you go.

I find some of your product offensive? Then stop finding my products!

I have a really cool idea for a design do you want it? I doubt you’re as funny as me but send it in if you must…

You will burn in hell for making all these evil, blasphemous jokes, don’t you even care? Are you morally superior and suitable qualified to determine this as fact? Thanks for taking the time to share either way hun 🙂

You’ve found a spelling mistake?
I’m dyslexic and even though I use a spellchecker and have two people double-check the website it’s possible so do let me know. Can I just say – you need a hobby too!


I still have a question not covered here, what do I do? I guess you best email me then, here.