Gift Giving: Pandemic changes the way we gift

Coronavirus and shielding

Gift Giving.

We are the only species on earth that gives gifts to celebrate milestone, achievements and show our loved ones that we care. So how has the Corona Virus affected our shopping habits and gift-giving traditions?

With social distancing, isolation and more affecting us all, gift-giving is a way to remain connected to people. The virus may well change the way we gift, how we gift and what we gift. Not to mention the thoughts behind the gifts.

Motives for gift giving

To deliver a positive, lasting emotional impact.
Show someone we care.
Celebrate a milestone or achievement.
Support & cheer someone up who’s having a hard time.

Now judging by who I know and what I’ve read approx 80% of people decided to declutter during lockdown. 80%!!!

More time in our homes

Had a lovely chat with a lady named Susie recently. We talked about Corona/Lockdown and what she thought of my website. This was the outcome.

Susie said “I started to think about moving home, you know, maybe I needed a bigger place? My home felt small and claustrophobic during lockdown. To be honest, we talked about how having a 3 bed home for the three of us. How this should have been ample space. It didn’t make sense, therefore I started to look around for an answer. Firstly, I realised that we needed to declutter, this would make more room.

As a result, we spent a good week, removing, reorganising and getting rid of lots of clutter. Now my home feels spacious again. I decided to remove anything that 1) wasn’t useful 2) didn’t give me joy 3) didn’t hold any meaning for me. The landscape of my home has changed dramatically once we took action! I got rid of a lot of expensive and useless stuff that was just cluttering up my home. As a result, it felt bigger and we had more room!

Fearful that over time her home may again become cluttered she added: “We talked about gift-giving and not accidentally cluttering our home again and decided gifts in future must be useful (have a purpose). Like a coffee mug for example: Must be personally meaningful and bring us joy.

This bought a tear to my eye

This is why I love Word Craft Design Gifts Website. Everything on the website is unique, hand made, useful around the home and or wearable. Many items make me laugh and a select few also have personal meaning to me, or my family and friends.

I notice your eco friendly and that’s important to me, I can shop online and have presents safely sent to people. I will definitely be giving gifts to family and friends from Word Craft Design as I know they will make them laugh. We’ve had precious little to laugh about in recent months so what better gift could I get them?”

Susie bought a tear to my eye as that is exactly what I was going for when I launched Word Craft Design Gifts.

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