Gift Guide For The Hard To Buy For-Part 1

Gift Guide -Letterbox Treats

Gift Buying Guide

The ultimate gift guide because not everyone is easy to buy gifts for!
There are those who live in tiny apartments who have little spare space. So they will say “don’t get me anything – I don’t have space”. Other who will say “I don’t want trinkets and useless nicknacks” and even those who appear to ‘have it all’, already! So what gift do you buy these people that they are going to want? I will tell you right now.

You need to think outside the box. What can you give the man or woman who has everything? I will let you in on a little secret: A smile – that what! Nobody ever said “I smile too much” or “I have too many smiles cluttering up the place” or “I have so many smiles in the back of my cupboard I don’t have the room for anymore…” What if you could give the person who has everything a gift that makes them smile and something practical that they will definitely use? Most importantly – these are gifts everyone are going to love.

Gifts that raise a smile

Now the great news here is that you absolutely can by using this handy gift guide! Everybody drinks something right and uses a mug? It doesn’t matter if you own a Maserati or a small Island, you still drink right? A funny, sweet or cynical mug will get used and is often a welcome gift. As it’s not only practical but also fun. Quirky yet practical gifts can be found in the UK at Word Craft Design. Chose from sweary mugs- artisan-designed t-shirts. These are not gifts that are going to be put in the back of the cupboard and unused! Take keyrings for example – we have a nice range of them at Word Craft Design Gifts. Tell me right now who you know, who doesn’t have keys? Exactly! We all have keys and keyrings are often a welcome novelty gift.

Gift Guide – Original Gifts

It gets even easier – we all have an opinion or a hobby right? Well, the gifts you can purchase at Word Craft can be searched to find something that relates to a hobby or an opinion. We have Mugs, badges, T-Shirts, pocket mirrors, keyrings and more, which have either or both.  Many gifts are hobby related and that will make them smile and feel appreciated. When they hold a strong opinion on something topical- you can find that on Word Craft too! Buy British Artisan Craft gifts, not mass-produced. In conclusion, gift buying doesn’t have to be hard when you have the right headset and advice.

Eco Friendly – Low Carbon Footprint

Bet you have friends and family that care about the environment? Do they want eco-friendly, low carbon footprint products for everyday life only? That isn’t a problem at Word Craft. I use eco -friendly inks, recycled materials whenever possible and any waste is also recycled. Vital materials are sourced from the UK and not flown in from abroad. This makes Word Craft Design Gifts a low-carbon-footprint business. I pride myself on my products having character, not something you will find mass-produced or on every high street. During lockdown, I had the time to think hard on what I wanted to achieve by starting word Craft Design and one of my main criteria was to be eco-friendly. The planet is going through enough so, taking care of it was one of my top priorities.

Supporting Small Business A Priority?

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss why you should buy from small UK businesses. Moreover, statistics show that It’s more vital in this day and age (if the pandemic has taught us anything) to maintain and support small businesses. Most people have caught on to the fact that it has been the small businesses that have kept us all going and made life more bearable during this difficult time. I am an independent business, not a chain. Small businesses are important to the economic and social fabric of our society because they stimulate innovation. On a side note – every time I get a new order I do a happy dance that keeps my dogs entertained! I pushed the boundaries on this issue, I even use bio-degradable air-popped popcorn for packaging (which I use to feed the birds – they love it!)

Importantly, buying from Word Craft fosters the UK economy and funds generated by the business will circulate in the UK to other UK businesses and feed families not large, overseas corporations.

Am I insane starting a business during lockdown?

Despite thinking about starting Word Craft Gifts for over two years however, I just didn’t have the time. Lockdown gave me the headspace that I needed to plan and launch.

What you will get from this series of articles

Firstly, I’m going to get more specific, very specific in fact! I will provide specific advice on what to gift your mother-in-law (if you like her or if you don’t), ideas for gifts for sassy friends, cynical Uncles, BFF’S, Coworkers, gifts for blunt people, and sarcastic gift for your boss. In conclusion – they are all going to be impressed by your gift choices! I will have suggestions for all you ‘hard to buy for people’.

Read Part 2 for more specific gift suggestions and don’t forget to check out our handy gift guide on YouTube.

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