Gifts for Boyfriends- Gift Guide Part 3

Gifts for Boyfriends & Partners

Hard to buy gifts for Boyfriends/Partner

Gifts for boyfriends. Before we begin, in the hard to buy a gift for category – this one can be a biggie!
You’re boyfriend or partner (IDK – Maybe you have both?)

You may think this one would be easy but it can be a minefield so read on.

Have you been dating 10 days or married 10 years?
Hence, we need to get the right balance here, you want to convey you like him, not that you’re desperate! You don’t want to give a newbie the wrong idea if you’re not sure but as it’s his birthday in a few days and you want him to stick around, best get him something!

If dating for a while, are you sure ‘he’s the one yet? If not, don’t go OTT. However, if you’ve been married forever, do you think he wants a romantic or funny gift?

Does he have a hobby he’s nuts about or is he political with strong views? Does he appreciate satire and sarcasm?

Humour is crucial

Does he have a sense of humour even? (If not, I strongly suggest you let him go…seriously! How can you hope to have a decent relationship with a guy with no sense of humour?)

Do you want the gift to convey:
I like you-some, maybe…
We can share a giggle and are friends no matter what.
You’re the one and “I’m not letting you getaway Mr!”
Your cool, I’m laidback and maybe we could hang out for a few months to many years…
Ah, guess you’re ok and it’s your Birthday so…

Don’t panic, I’m here to help.

The Solution

Been dating for less than two weeks and dammit – he has a Birthday and you’ve got to do something even if it’s just a token gift?

To begin with, try on one of our snazzy joke keyrings or a rude pen? Just a little something to mark the fact he’s had a Birthday in a small way, therefore, making you appear both caring and interested.

However, if you’ve been dating longer but not too long (as in not yet engaged or committed but you know you really dig him)… go on, it’s time to take a risk and gift him a satirical coffee mug. Not just any coffee mug, take look through and find one that he will absolutely love. Sweet tooth? How about sending him one of our Sweet Treat & Gift Boxes. A steal at a tenner!

Soul Mates Gifts for Boyfriends

He’s the one! (or yep, you married or moved in with this one.)
Here, you can risk a clothing gift quite safely now. Find him a great t-shirt and in addition,  if he’s a really good partner, perhaps a mug and rude pen too?

Therefore take a good look on the site as you need to choose the one he will find the funniest or show him you do pay attention by looking at our hobby section and grab him a funny and thus personally meaningful gift that he will adore.

If he has little or no sense of humour and you didn’t listen to my earlier advice to let him go, however, I only have 3 suggestions.

1.  Great Boyfriend Gift
2. Awesome Boyfriend Gift
3. Make him read this and take action.

Beyond doubt? Now if he’s your soul mate, he’s been the very best partner, he’s sexy, gorgeous and kind too, consider gifting him some joy every month for the next year and get him an amazing gift subscription of a monthly box of joy.

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