Hard To Buy Gifts For-Gift Guide Part 2

Gift Guide For The Hard To Buy Gifts For

We all have that one person who is hard to buy gifts for. Maybe the mother in law, your boss, the (frenemy at work you don’t really like) but there’s always one! Don’t sweat it or worry, I have the solution! Read on and the normally ‘hard to buy for’ will become a cinch.

Divide and rule- why they are hard to buy gifts for

Now first we have to work out – why this person is hard to buy a gift for? The first and easiest group is the ones that say they have no space, nowhere to put anything… they may not but I bet they have a sense of humour or a hobby? For hobbies check out the shop, we have some gifts aimed at particular hobbies and are adding more all the time. So if you don’t see what you seek, check back often and drop me a line on Facebook and I will see what I can do.

As for their argument over space, a small pen, a pin badge, a practical t-shirt or funny coffee mug gift: A) Won’t take up much space. B) Are practical and useable gifts so they can’t complain about lack of space. Sorted!

No sense of humour as such?

Even the grin less, who wouldn’t appreciate a novelty mug, have a bugbear! Are they angry at the government, dislike the Kardasians, or just plain hate a TV show? Take a look at our best sellers and I bet you find the perfect gift!

What to buy the man or woman who has everything…

Don’t laugh (well actually do and do it often) but we all know one of these. They may be nice or nasty but they are loaded, big house, car, jet (perhaps no jet but you know what I mean) they are loaded and seem to have it all.  You can still get them something prices, a gift that will make them smile, laugh or giggle! No one in history, even said “I have no space for laughter, I have no room for any more smiles! Look through our shop – you are bound to find something that will tickle their funny bone.

Last but not least…

The frenemy! The thorn in your side at work or the snake that slid into your friendship group. Not everyone’s as clued up as you or you have to keep the peace at work. This doesn’t mean you can’t ‘sweetly’ convey your message. Take a look through our frenemies and work section. It’s stacked full of rude mugs, pens and funny Sarcastic T-shirts. You can find something that seems like a joke (but you know – and perhaps others will suss) that you mean it!

Handy Gift Guide Part 3.


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