Huffington Post – Christmas 2020

Huffington Post  (Natasha Hinde)had a chat to me about what Christmas will look like in the Word Craft Design Gifts household this year.

For many people, Christmas is going to be a little different to normal this year. Unable to have large family gatherings, no travel to see loved ones.  If single or alone, no tagging along with your favourite family – it’s not going to be an easy time for many of us.

Christmas will be dominated by

  • The rule of six,
  • Viral online church services,
  • Your very local community
  • And if your lucky, a ‘mini-mas’ (as predicted by Huffington Post) with just your very geographically closest,  nearest and dearest.

Spare a thought for the wonderful frontline worker, who will be slogging away on Christmas day and be having a far worse time than you are!

I know it’s easier said than done but try not to let it get you down! We must call, write, phone and Zoom everyone you know!

If we plan ahead, we can still:

  • Decorate for Christmas (order a tree to be delivered)
  • Send gifts and cards (shop online safely)
  • Set up Facetime or Zoom calls so we can touch base with family and friends on Christmas day (organise this in advance, ensure everyone has the correct time to join etc.)
  • Check on elderly neighbours

Remind ourselves that this pandemic won’t go on forever, things will in time, change for the better!


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