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Business Start-Up, Rude Pens

Business Start-Up

I’ve had the idea of starting Word Craft Design in my head for over two years. I’d constantly tell myself it couldn’t be done right now, It would have to wait. We had just made a big home move, had a friend who was terminally ill to take care of and a fiance who was jealous of the time I was spending with them and as you do – all the other ‘run of the mill’ life stuff that we all have to deal with.  Really wasn’t even considering a Business Start-Up, not during a pandemic, that’s for sure.

Kept thinking “Business Start Up? This is never gonna happen…

Having Fibromyalgia and ME, the normal ups and downs of life are quite enough to cope with!

I would get ideas in my head and jot them down but that was as far as I got for the longest time… Skip forward many months: I became single (good job too, who needs 220lb of uncaring, jealous dead weight anyway?), sadly, my dear friend passed. I grieved, did up the dump we had bought with the help of my family and promptly went downhill with the Fibro. Had to claw my way back and it made me really take stock. Due to my health, I had resigned myself to doing web work from home, which worked great at the start and I loved it. But I consequently found myself no longer enjoying it.

The idea never went away…

It always came back again, the idea of Word Craft Design. I took the plunge finally but…to say my timing was bad would be an understatement! When I just started to physically get the business going when poof, a pandemic hits! Now it proved difficult to get supplies etc. but the main difficulty was me. I could not focus or concentrate. I would sit down to do one thing then find myself reading the news sites for the latest Coronavirus news. Moi?  Was stressed and tired due to the worry of it all (like many of you I’m sure) and it took me a long time to get my butt in gear again!

All systems go

I found I hit one problem after another, I was hitting brock walls everywhere. Trying to set everything up (as you do) and it got to a point of feeling like I was never going to be set up, my dream would never be a reality. I plodded on in a bit of a hazy mess, to tell the truth. Now I’m sharing this photo with you as I took this today and it was the first time I was actually feeling “Hey, you can do this, it’s going to happen”.

Having my first product all done and ready to go made everything seem real. I’m still nervous! Just hope everyone will like them and appreciate my sense of humour. It’s all systems go go go now 🙂

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