People Still Want To Laugh During A Pandemic

Humour is key during tough times. 


  •       People in Kent and London have the best sense of humour in the UK!
  •       After a period of shock and sadness, humour can be restorative.
  •       Statistics from customer orders for rude and funny gifts at Word Craft Design Gifts show that 80% of them have come predominantly from people in Kent.

People in Kent have the best sense of humour in the UK, finds the newly launched Word Craft Design Gifts.

Despite advertising countrywide, the people of Kent (closely followed by London) have shown that out of the whole country, they are most up for enjoying funny, sweary, rude, satirical, risqué gifts for themselves and loved ones says new business owner DeAna D’Monte from Folkestone.

DeAna found that her work as a self-employed web designer totally dried up the minute the pandemic hit. She says: “it was inevitable really, people had a lot more to worry about than their website at the time and no one was even thinking of launching a new business website with all the stress and pressure they were under. My work just ceased.

I imagine that I was like a lot of people when lockdown began, full of anxieties, unable to think clearly and in the face of Coronavirus I could only think about what I couldn’t do, what I had lost and how odd and empty life had become. We are living through an overwhelming and unpredictable time at the moment and that can make it hard to focus on the future.

Eventually, I began to think about life after lockdown. I’d had the idea of Word Craft Design Gifts rolling around in my head for around two years pre-lockdown but had never done anything (bar buying a domain) about it due to many things but mostly it was lack of time. I had produced gifts for friends and loved ones in the past and when any of their contacts had seen them I was told, they wanted to know where they could buy them too which surprised me but also made me think that people do want a funny gift option”.

So I told myself, you have plenty of time right now, go for it. So I decided to get busy. Part of my drive to do so was that life was so heavy and uncertain during this period of isolation and I thought, when we come out the other side, we will all need a sense of humour and a good laugh!

I spent lockdown preparing to launch my business the minute it was lifted. I was cautioned by many people that starting a business during a pandemic was not the best plan but I decided it was now or never! I wanted something positive to come out of lockdown for me and starting Word Craft Design Gifts has given me that.

By far, most of my orders have come from the Kent and London areas and the feedback I’m getting is making me smile and very happy.

I’m very thankful that the people of Kent and London have such a great sense of humour! My best selling gift at the moment as a lot of office staff have gone back to work, has been the “How the hell do you still work here?” coffee mug for coworkers, friends and colleagues.


It feels really good to be operating a business that’s purpose is to produce gifts to make people laugh. I feel very lucky to be doing work that I love.

COMPANY BIO: Word Craft Design Gifts

Word Craft Design Gifts started the design and production of satirical irreverent gifts during the pandemic in August 2020, with the sole intention of producing gifts that make people laugh, smile and giggle. The founder is a former web designer with 15 years of experience. The business is based in Kent.

Notes to editors: 

Founder/Owner: Deana D’Monte based in Folkestone, Kent.

Deana D’Monte: I’m an online retailer, designer and producer of satirical, unique, rude and funny gifts.

My customers have dubbed me “An Irreverent Word Artist”.

Word Craft Design Gifts was founded: August 2020


Missions Statement: To produce funny, rude, risqué gifts to make people smile.

High-resolution images: available on request.

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