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A little frosting is a very common thing in Cokestone, I mean Folkestone.

Lots of people ‘powdering their noses’ if you catch my drift… wear this and they will know you’re on to them!

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When Words Fail You


This person is so awful, no current insults that you know of can adequately let them know how you feel?

Try this! Glad I could help 🙂

– 11oz
– Dishwasher Safe

Wish Bracelet – Love You


Just know that you are loved!!! Be reminded every time you look down at your Wish Bracelet!

Wish Bracelet -Fabulous


When you’re Fabulous darling and you know it!!! Wear this bracelet with pride as a reminder of just how fabulous you are!

Cool T-shirts New!

You Don’t Look Sick


You know what? Don’t take it badly…

You just look too hot to be sick 😉 Educate them, slapping them is a waste of spoons 😉

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