Chronic Illness Sufferer New!

Invisible Illness Woman


Don’t suffer in silence! Let people know how tough you are carrying on with this rucksack full of rocks on your back!

You’re the strong one, let them see that.

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Chronic Pain New!

The Invisible Illness Man


Do you or someone you love have an invisible illness?

Educate the masses, show them what you cope with daily!

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The Spoon Theory


All chronic illness can be debilitating. You only have so many spoons to go around…

It’s no fun once you run out of spoons… show someone you care about their lack of spoons.


– 11oz
– Dishwasher Safe

Cool T-shirts New!

You Don’t Look Sick


You know what? Don’t take it badly…

You just look too hot to be sick 😉 Educate them, slapping them is a waste of spoons 😉

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