Storms Don’t Last-Wish Bracelet


When life is tough remember, storms don’t last!!! Make a wish and wear your bracelet to remind you of this x

Sweet Box Treats


OMG,  wouldn’t you love a box of fantastic tasty retro sweets! Not only that, but you also get ‘2’ lovely gifts inside too!

The content is a surprise! Could contain: Sherbert dip dabs, Blackjacks, Fizz Whiz, Treacle toffee, lollies, Drum Sticks, Parma Violets, Lovehearts, Refreshers, a stick of rock, a sweet necklace or lipstick…in fact I don’t have enough time to list them all here! Enjoy this lovely treat surprise through your letterbox or make the day of someone you love by sending a Sweet Treats Box to them!

Wish Bracelet – Love You


Just know that you are loved!!! Be reminded every time you look down at your Wish Bracelet!

Wish Bracelet -Fabulous


When you’re Fabulous darling and you know it!!! Wear this bracelet with pride as a reminder of just how fabulous you are!