2020 Unbelievable Keyring-2020 Shit Show


This page just says what we all think in 2020!

Can’t wait for it to be over!!! Stick this on your keys to remind you to keep stocked up -#justsayin

– 58 mm



2020 Shit Show

What a fucking shit show 2020 has been so far ha? Can I just say “OMFG”? Corona, Trump Boris, isolations, hate campaigns and so much more! Not sure about you but I certainly didn’t sign up for this… You can discuss this more here.

I actually launched Word Craft Design Gifts finally after being without work and locked in day and night for 3 months.

Pandemics, Lockdown, Riots… and we’re not done yet!  🙂 See also 2020 can fuck right off!

I just wish us all good luck and good health for the rest of this year!