Interview Questions


Do you really want the job anyway? Or do you need the perfect Tee to show friends and family that you just want to relax? Or are you a tiny bit LAZY???

I would just wear this t-shirt and point at it, saves time 😉


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Interview Questions, they can be a drag, can’t they?

Word Craft Design Gifts has helped you out, by making the process a little shorter and saving time! The perfect tee when you just want to kick back and relax.

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T-shirts may be round neck or a slight v-neck depending on me finding the best quality supplies at the time.

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85% polyeser and 15% cotton


Cotton blended t-shirt


Mens- Medium, Mens-Large, Mens-XL, Mens-XXL, Womens-Large, Womens-Small, Womens-XL, Womens-XXL

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