What is a Kardashian?


Who and what are they, what do they do? Why are people obsessed with them? Beats me guys… Just where did these Kardashians even come from???


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Kardashians not to be confused with Cardassian

So what’s a Kardashian? This is one of life’s questions that I just cannot provide the answer too – I’m lost! You hear so much about these ‘Kardashians’, but what are they and what do they do exactly? Also… considering they have billions why do they still do whatever it is that they do?

I will admit to sniggering every time I hear mention of a Kardashian as I was a huge Deep Space Nine fan… I’ll explain for the non-nerds: Cardassians are a fictional (unattractive) extraterrestrial species, now I get that but what I don’t get is what are Kardashians or why the hell anyone cares?

Keeping up with a Kardashian…

I tried to find out and became even more confused! She/they are described as ‘media personalities’. What does that even mean? They are not actors, models, politicians, didn’t cure the common cold or anything extraordinary like that. So just why are they famous and what for?

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