Extreme Crochet


Buy this for a friend who Crochet’s and they may show you their pleasure room…

(Which is a room full of more yarn than they can ever hope to use in a lifetime) #justsayin

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Crochet can be a risky yet exciting hobby! Some unenlightened people think Crochet is for old ladies only… how wrong they are ha?

Why there are wips and chains all over the place! (If you Crochet- you get it. You friend who Crochets, definitely will)

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T-shirts may be round neck or a slight v-neck depending on me finding the best quality supplies at the time.

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85% polyeser and 15% cotton


Cotton blended t-shirt


Mens- Medium, Mens-Large, Mens-XL, Mens-XXL, Womens-Large, Womens-Small, Womens-XL, Womens-XXL

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