Sweet Box Treats


OMG,  wouldn’t you love a box of fantastic tasty retro sweets! Not only that, but you also get ‘2’ lovely gifts inside too!

The content is a surprise! Could contain: Sherbert dip dabs, Blackjacks, Fizz Whiz, Treacle toffee, lollies, Drum Sticks, Parma Violets, Lovehearts, Refreshers, a stick of rock, a sweet necklace or lipstick…in fact I don’t have enough time to list them all here! Enjoy this lovely treat surprise through your letterbox or make the day of someone you love by sending a Sweet Treats Box to them!



You will receive a variety of retro sweets, and ‘2’ gifts e.g a Pen, a Wish Bracelet, or a badge. These will have been selected at random. You cannot specify the contents (gifts or sweets, the content of Sweet Box Treats,  is a surprise!). If you would like to purchase a specific: Pen, Wish Bracelet or Badge you can do so from the products page by adding them to your order.

If the Sweet Box Treat is not for you and you want it sent right too a loved one, remember to add the recipient’s name and address to the order and not your own.

Please note if you order more than one box, they will be packaged together.  If you want them sent separately to different recipients and addresses, you need to place more than one order.

If you would like a personal message added in the box, please let me know what the message is on the shopping cart page in the Note section and I will do this for you.