Storms Don’t Last-Wish Bracelet


When life is tough remember, storms don’t last!!! Make a wish and wear your bracelet to remind you of this x



Storms Don’t Last- Wish Bracelet

Storms don’t last, Wish Bracelet length 30cm and will arrive untied so you can tie it around your wrist and cut down to size as needed.

One size fits all. Tie the knot tight to ensure it doesn’t come loose too soon when wearing it.

A lovely gift to give someone you love that is going through a really hard time. It will remind them this won’t last forever and things will get better in time. Show them that you care and want the very best for them. Not only does this show you understand they are having a bad time, it gives them something on display on their wrist to focus on and reminds them that things will get better!


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Blue, Green, Pink, Red

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