Safe Shopping-Covid 19 Measures

Coronavirus & Safe Shopping

Safe shopping with Word Craft Design

Safe Shopping. You can rest assured that you can safely shop with us now and during the inevitable second lockdown in the Coronavirus pandemic. I am taking measures that result in the best, safe shopping experience that can be provided.

You may or may not be aware but my business launched during lockdown! So you could say I was raring to go and set up for safe practices and right from the start. COVID 19 wasn’t going to stop me from getting up and running. It just meant certain measure had to be implemented.  I didn’t want my lovely customers or myself catching the virus!

Shielding -Safe Shopping

If you’re a fan of mine on social media, you may have read that I myself have a chronic illness. I have Fibromyalgia and CFS so was shielding and bar a quick trip for supplies once a week, I still am. I am taking every precaution possible to ensure your safety and mine!

All my supplies for the business are delivered and left in a sunny area for 3 days before being touched.  I actively wear gloves and mask when unpacking and both gloves and a mask whilst producing products so there is no chance of contamination. I only buy products from the UK.

Then I package products, in packing material that has been made safe by being placed in the sun for 3 days, therefore rendering it virus free.  Items are stored in a clean area and not touched again for over a week.

Everything is then lovingly packaged with gloved hands whilst I wear my mask for everyone’s protection. Then taken to the post office by Moi, whilst still wearing gloves and a mask. My products, such as the mugs and t-shirts are heated to such high temperatures therefore, any virus would be irradicated. Any other product supplies that can be, are wiped down with a mild bleach solution. They are then, left in the sun so they dried for me etc. I’m pumped about starting the business and refuse to have anything spoiling the happiness it brings!

You may think my measures are over the top but I humbly disagree with you. I am protecting myself and also you from befalling any illness due to any virus (inc. colds and flu as well as coronavirus) therefore remaining or being able to settle on any surfaces. As far as I am concerned, you cannot be too careful.

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