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Stop Hate For Profit

Stop hate for profit. As many of you will know, I only recently started Word Craft Design Gifts. I had planned a large Facebook advertising campaign. But I had second thoughts, having seen Stop Hate For Profit and what they are trying to do.  Check out by searching #StopHateforProfit online.

They state:

“We’re urging individuals to sign the petition to #StopHateforProfit and send a message to Facebook. Tell them that “profits will never be worth supporting hate, racism and misinformation.

Stop Hate For Profit has asked advertisers to temporarily pause advertising on Facebook and Instagram. In order to force Mark Zuckerberg to address the detrimental effect that Facebook has had on our society by its inaction.  Zuckerberg has so far only agreed to a token gesture and refuses to stop hate and manipulation being displayed on Facebook.

Violent Hate Speech

President Trump and his “Inflammatory Posts” are behind the thought that enough is enough. Allowing hate speech and incitement to violence is plain despicable. Furthermore allowing, legitimate companies ‘paid for advertising’ to be displayed right next to such threatening rants, is unforgivable.  It makes the haters look legitimate.

Trump says “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” He also called out the Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey. Telling him to “get his act together and bring the City under control”. Then advocated for sending in the National Guard to “get the job done right.” Which was basically a threat aimed at the general public.

Mr Trump was threatening to turn the national guard on his own ‘Free’ people!

Facebook has further allowed politicians to lie in political ads too. Now while Twitter banned political ads completely Facebook did nothing. Even Twitch, the Amazon-owned video-streaming site said two videos of Mr Trump’s rallies that were shown on its platform had broken its rules on hateful conduct. So they have now been banned.


Now a relatively tiny (On the scale of Zuckerberg’s Billions) businesses like Word Craft Design Gifts refusing to pay for ads on Facebook will do very little. However, if a million business do the same – it will have a big impact! Individuals can sign the petition too.

Take action now. If you think that because this is happening in the USA, not the UK that it doesn’t affect you, you’re wrong. If allowed to happen in one country – pretty soon it’s happening in another…and another.

I may be harming my launch by boycotting Facebook ads but at least I am sleeping at night 🙂


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