Sweet Box Subscriptions For Adults

Sweet Box Subscriptions

Do you want to send joy disguised as a letterbox gift? Then a Sweet Box Subscriptions fits the bill. Send happiness every month of the year with retro sweets and gifts beautifully packaged landing on your loved one’s doormat each month? Of course, you do! Now you can!

You can purchase a sweet box treat as a one-off- or subscribe and have one sent every month for a year.

Always a surprise! Letterbox Sweet treats

My friends said these were like a luxury version of the famous chocolate eggs we loved as kids. The ones that had a cute surprise toy inside.  You know the ones.  Just bigger and better for adults. She said they gave her a similar thrill, not knowing what was coming but knowing it would be awesome!

Contents: Not just a sweet box!

They go out every month on the dot. They are beautifully packed and contain retro sweets that will take you back to childhood. Also included are 3 gifts from the shop. The nature of these gifts will be a surprise! Maybe a pen, pin badge, pocket mirror – you won’t know until you get it open.

There really is nothing nicer than coming home after a hard day to find one of these on the mat! It’s also exciting knowing that you have one arriving every month to cheer you up.

Feel-Good Factor

Now, if you’ve nosed around the website, you may have seen that Word Craft Design Gifts is as eco-friendly as possible. We use eco-friendly and recycled packaging where ever possible, plus eco-friendly inks for printing. We also recycle everything we can lay our hands-on. So you know, your gift is good for the environment.

The taste!

Retro sweets have a taste and often a novelty to them too. Enjoy dipping a sherbet dip-dab? Crunching on a sweet necklace or sucking a lollipop of lipstick candy? What about the yummy taste of retro sweets you don’t get now?

They sound so good, don’t they? Why not treat yourself and get one for you:)

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Letterbox Gift Subscription