Say Thank You To a Hero-Reward Them

Who’s your hero?

Heroes are the people who are bigger than our times, showing courage and resilience in helping some of the most vulnerable. A hero is someone who puts themselves out, shows kindness and courage. Heroes serve the community or help individuals/animals. They help those people who feel isolated, maybe sick, lonely, lost or despairing. From nurses – Dr’s – shop keepers, neighbours and wonderful friends. Anyone can be a hero and you can nominate yours today here:

Superheroes can be found all around us!

2020 has so far been quite a year. In the main, not in a good way! Essential workers have risked their lives to help others, as have volunteers and kindly individuals all over. We can say a big ‘Thank You’ to doctors, nurses, careers, delivery drivers, volunteers. The people that often fly under the radar…

In my area alone, I have noted at least ‘2’ Superheroes who normally go unnoticed. There is a man who lives on my block who I thought worked for the council. You see him out in the snow in a high viz, shovelling snow off the pavements. During lockdown, I would see him in the same high viz up and down all day with bags of shopping which I found curious…

The plot thickens

A lovely elderly neighbour saw me watch his activities from my front garden while I was weeding. She told me all about him. His name is Derick and nope, doesn’t work for the council or any other organisation! He is a full-time carer for his elderly mother and when she naps in the afternoons (she’s 97) in winter, he goes out with his shovel clearing paths of snow for the elderly. During lockdown, he’s been grabbing shopping and prescriptions for anyone who needs his help in the neighbourhood! Just think about that.

He doesn’t get paid, he doesn’t have a voluntary organisation behind him to guide or supervise him – the man is just a legend!

And another…

I saw a lady in our local park with a very snazzy old fashioned bike with a basket a few months back. I was admiring the bike if I’m honest (would quite like one myself at some point) and watched her read a scrap of paper then head over to a tree and scoop something up. She got on her bike and cycled past me and with a live bird in her basket! Month’s later I hear that she takes in injured wildlife, gets them well and releases them.

She took action!

She’s consequently turned her home/garden into a wildlife sanctuary and helps any wild animal that needs it. Locals know to call her if they see an injured animal, the local vets send people to her and apparently she’s wonderful at what she does too. She’s not a registered charity, no one funds her etc.  Apparently she started doing it as there was no one else in the area who did when she found an injured badger one day so she nursed it back to health. Now that’s a hero in my book! You can nominate anyone you like  – just tell us why they are your hero and if they are chosen, they will receive some free gifts from Word Craft Design as a thank you