From start-up to the Telegraph Newspaper in 6 weeks!

I had the idea for my irreverent gift line for a while, I just had never really had the time to do anything about it. I had made gifts for friends and family. Until lockdown, an idea was all Word Craft Design Gifts was. Like everyone else I would imagine, I was down, glued to the news and not getting on with anything for the first few weeks of the 100 day lockdown.  I soon realised I had to be doing something and launching Word Craft Design is what I chose to do!

Hard Work

It wasn’t easy. It all took a lot of planning, design work and bashing down doors.  I had to find suppliers of raw materials and print presses still trading! I worked day and night on my designs like a thing possessed. All the ideas were in my head and bursting to come out but it takes time. I had to get the designs down, website up and materials in. My family were worried I was overdoing things (which I was) but I had that – “it’s now or never” feeling so I pushed on.

The Launch

The rest of lockdown was spent learning how to use my shiny new print press from video tutorials online, as there was no way I could go on a course or travel anywhere for instruction. When everything was finally ready to go – it felt surreal. I had a bit of a wobble I will admit. Had I done the right thing by starting up during a pandemic? I’m not a lady who lunches – I have bills to pay, family, pets to consider, a home to keep going…

Skip forward 6-7 weeks after launch: People are telling me they love the gifts, We’ve been in the Telegraph, Huffington Post and in The Sun. I’m still a baby business and its hard work and long hours but the best thing of all and what keeps me going, is the emails and messages I’m getting. I love hearing that my gift line is making people laugh and smile.

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Science Endorses Swearing!

Science Endorses Swearing – Sweary Gifts Good For you!


People who swear have:

  • A higher IQ
    Better language skills
    A higher pain tolerance
    Are more honest
    Are more productive
    Can push themselves more physically when they need to.

So…next time someone pulls you up for searing – tell them to “fuck right off, Science Endorses Swearing”! 🙂


I set out to uncover if there are any benefits to swearing. There is a lot of scientific data to show there is.