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The Times- Coronavirus and Lockdown

Word Craft Design In The Telegraph

The Telegraph. I was interviewed today by the lovely Rosa Silverman.  Senior Feature Writer for The Telegraph.  I have a chronic illness – Fibromyalgia and (CFS) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. (Some of you may already know if you are on Facebook with me.) Rosa Silverman wanted to know how lockdown had affected me and others.

Rosa wanted to chat as I had been shielding through lockdown and I still am in fact. The article was about how lockdown had affected people who were shielding. We had a great talk about Coronavirus, lockdown and shielding. and the effect being isolated was having on people’s mental health generally too.

Business Launched During Lockdown

Again, if you follow or read the blog at Word Craft Design Gifts, you will know that I devised and launched my rude, inappropriate and irreverent gifts business during the 100-day lockdown.

A lot of people have had their lives turned upside down during this pandemic and it’s not easing up. Coronavirus and social distancing has made for an exceptionally challenging and worrying time for all. The measures that have been introduced are, I feel, having an impact on both our stress levels and mental health.

I hope my gift line will bring some of you a little lightness and laughter during this pandemic.


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